McComical Jnr. - Famous paintings model

McComical Jnr. - Famous paintings model

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This is a close-up adaptation of Billy McCombe’s brilliant effect. McComical Jnr. and is perfect for close-quarter work such as working the tables in a restaurant.

A spectator is placed to one side and you explain to the audience that he is to be given a free selection from a number of postcard size (approx 9.5cm x 14.5 cm) pictures of famous paintings stressing that he will receive a free choice of any one but asking the spectators NOT to name the pictures as shown, these are counted from hand to hand and the audience are highly amused to see that the spectator will not receive a free choice at all – as all the pictures are duplicates of each other.

You now remove one of the pictures again clearly showing that it duplicates all the others and slip it into an open-fronted holder which is left in full view at all times – this you say is your prediction of the picture that the spectator is about to “freely select!” At this point the participant does freely select any one which he then holds with its face down.

Talking about your miracle you remove the Prediction picture and hold it in full view and the participant now shows you his chosen picture which proves to be not the one everyone expected but Michelangelo’s famous painting of the Creation of Adam - you look nonplussed for a moment and then announce that this depicts one of the earliest miracles, pausing, you look at your prediction picture and then add, “.....and here is another miracle!”

So saying you turn the picture over in your hand to show it exactly matches the freely selected one and there is more – all the cards are now turned face upwards and each and every one of them now matches the selected picture; a double–whammy stunner! The cards can then be left for examination.

McComical Jnr. comes complete with laminated Cards that should last forever, Card Holder & full instructions.

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