A Host of Surprises - Odd Bin - Last One - Sold out

A Host of Surprises - Odd Bin - Last One - Sold out

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Rachel Colombini's first DVD which is packed full of fantastic card magic, close-up, parlour & stage; tricks for everyone! Included is a special guest appearance by Fantasio.

ZODIAC CODE (Rachel & Aldo Colombini):You show seven glasses covered with coloured bags. One card and one glass are selected. The selected card is revealed in the selected glass. The other glasses are full of money!

WILD CARD CASH (Rachel Colombini): Two Jokers shown front & back. A banknote suddenly appears between them!

PERFECT PREDICTION (Rachel Colombini):A spectator deals playing cards and stops anywhere; you predicted that very card! You can repeat with different cards.

COUNTDOWN (Aldo Colombini): Twelve playing cards and three coloured numbers. You deal the cards according to the numbers arranged by the spectator, eventually selecting one card. This card was predicted and all the other cards are completely blank!

PHONE ZONE (Peter Duffie):A super trick that you can do over the telephone!

WISHES & DREAMS (Rachel Colombini):A two-card revelation routine in rhyme!

DIVIN-ACE-TION (Max Maven):An easy and strong way to produce the four Aces from a regular deck.

KEN’S KLOCK (Ken de Courcy): A deck and an arrow (clock hand/paddle). A spectator chooses a card. That card appears on the clock hand and it is the only odd-coloured card in the deck.

DICE IT UP (Aldo Colombini): Comedy with a deck of playing cards & four dice having mathematical symbols upon them.

RIDER (as performed by Fantasio himself!):A funny & unique comedy gag where the card box slides on the table as if it were alive!

Running time approximately 36 minutes. 1 in stock.

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