Sponge Bananas (Multiplying, Set of Two) - Waiting for new stock

Sponge Bananas (Multiplying, Set of Two) - Waiting for new stock

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In this unusual effect by Alan Wong you remove a banana in your left hand explaining that you just purchased it from a local shop to eat later.

Taking the banana in your right hand you drop it inside a paper bag but to your surprise another banana has magically appeared in your left hand!

This is repeated with a whole series of bananas appearing one after the other – each put into the bag until it is full.

The bag can now be screwed up and shown empty or it can be turned over to show it is full of other kinds of fruit like oranges, pears, apples and so on or even yummy sweets and chocolate for the children – all of which can be distributed to the audience as they are the genuine article.

These foam bananas will leave your audience roaring with laughter! Turn one banana to two bananas. Pull a banana from under someones jacket or out of their pocket, hat and so forth.

They are also a great finish for any sponge prop act, such as the balls in hand, also use them in the Cups & Balls for a surprise finish.

These Sponge Bananas are definitely a crowd-pleaser. Supplied with two Sponge Bananas and illustrated instructions.

Dimensions approximately 7" x 1 1/4" (17.78cm x 3.175cm)

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