Standing Ovation - A Mr E Exclusive

Standing Ovation - A Mr E Exclusive

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Let’s be honest, it is not often magicians get a STANDING OVATION when performing card magic but this terrific effect is designed to do just that!

You patter that performing your magic for many years you have yet to receive a standing ovation. Singers often do and so do comedians who cheat a little by finishing on a song. “Magic, however, just leaves the audience stunned!

“Having performed for many years I would love to receive a standing ovation and so that is why I invented the next trick that I am performing for the first time in the hope that if my audience likes it they will give me that elusive standing ovation!”

You ask any spectator to simply think of any playing card in a pack of fifty-two claiming that you have attempted to predict this card in advance. The spectator names their card, and please note they really do have a free choice, you show the rest of the cards in the pack pointing out that if you had correctly predicted any one of these cards you would then get some polite applause.

The freely chosen card is shown and boy are they impressed! Resulting in the coveted standing ovation at the end of your card magic time and time again!

We are not going to tell you more except to say that Eddie has performed this routine exclusively since 1975 always with fantastic laughter and applause, and is releasing it here with his full routine for the very first time.

We supply you with the cards together with the special something you will need and full instructions.

Standing Ovation comes with extra bonus alternative routines.

Suitable for close-up, walkabout, stand-up & television shows. The routine & presentation is an absolute winner that you will perform again & again; it is an investment in your future reception that is worth 100 times more than the small charge we are making for the clever routine & baffling secrets incorporated.

It is also sleight of hand free and very easy to do!

Only £9.95

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