Big Money

Big Money

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We love this item and so you will you. Showing a Dollar bill (banknote) you tell of your trip to the United States - talking about the big country and how far their money goes when compared with the humble Pound or Euro.

"It's a big country" you state, "and it deserves a big currency!"

As you deliver this line the Dollar Bill you hold instantly and suddenly turns into a GIANT Dollar bill!

This pocket-money-priced item resets in a moment and you are going to really enjoy showing it everywhere to everyone as it great fun as well as great magic.

Comes complete with everything you need including instructions.

Post FREE in the UK. Overseas please add £5 for postage to your country, this can be paid via PayPal on this website. Go to Extra Payment Required under Categories on our Home page.

Only £7.99

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