Ghost Glass

Ghost Glass

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A glass disc approx. 2" in diameter is shown as a scrying glass or your squashed crystal ball. You claim that the glass will help you to communicate with the spirit world.

The disc is cleaned with a soft cloth and left in full view. Only one disc is used.

Next you have a playing card selected and the spectator is asked to put the card close to their mouth and to "breathe in the essence of the card". A rather unusual request but soon all will become clear!

The chosen card is now mixed back into the deck by the spectator and you place the disc on top of the deck for a few minutes and then the spectator is asked to picture their card in their own mind and breathe slowly onto the disc.

A ghost like image of their selected card now appears in the mist then after they have confirmed their selection it slowly disappears!

The glass is now cleaned again and the effect can immediately be repeated with a different spectator and a different playing card.

Many, many months of experimentation have gone into this seemingly simple prop which will add much to your reputation as an unusual entertainer and mystic!

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