Hot Shot with Rubber Bands DVD Odd Bin

Hot Shot with Rubber Bands DVD Odd Bin

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1 in stock. Learn the ultimate collection of rubber band tricks with this awesome DVD.

They are everywhere you are; at work, in school, on your desk, in the car, in your pocket. Now you can perform miracles with a humble everyday object; rubber bands!

On this amazing DVD Ben Salinas shows you how to make rubber bands vanish, reappear, penetrate your finger, join together, pass through a ring, jump, melt through a spectator's arm and most of all AMAZE!

No preparation, no advance set-up & no gimmicks!

As a special BONUS Ben adds two hard-hitting effects that he has closely guarded for years Synthesis, and the ultimate Band Through Wrist; Hypertonic! 1 in stock.

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