ESPerplexo Cards

ESPerplexo Cards

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Literally hundreds of first class mental and psychic effects can be presented with our amazing new ESPerplexo Cards. New horizons are opened up to the modern day mentalist and miracle worker. Startling mental routines will now be accepted as genuine mental miracles by lay audiences worldwide.

These specially selected designs will appear familiar to the great majority of people and they will lend a scientific air to your performances. By using these cards your favourite mental routines can be changed from ‘card trick’ to ‘psychic miracle’ in the eyes of your audiences.

UNLIMITED SENSATIONAL ROUTINES! Prove your psychic abilities by reading your spectators’ minds revealing or duplicating the symbols on which they concentrate. You can have a spectator freely select any one – and then telephone your psychic friend who will immediately reveal their selected sign – without your seeing it. Or have your lovely assistant name selected designs and not a word is spoken or allow several spectators to select cards and you or your assistant can call them as they each think of their chosen designs, no force. You can instantly learn a symbol as it is freely selected. These are only a few of the effects that you will be performing in no time at all!

The possibilities are so great and varied that they defy listing here. Introduce these designs at your next show and amaze everyone with your ‘highly developed psychic abilities.’

The booklet of routines we supply with the cards are in themselves worth many pounds to the modern enterprising psychic entertainer – enabling you to present unlimited and intriguing entertainment enhancing your reputation at social gatherings, psychic fayres, theatres, cabaret and clubs, schools, radio, television – in fact, anywhere! Some routines are suitable for two-person acts while others can be performed alone.

The specially printed cards are approx A6 size (100x140) and laminated for long life – twelve different designs. Sold in packs of 12 cards together with our extensive exciting routines and instructions.

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