Pronto Printo - mre

Pronto Printo - mre

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Learn Pronto Printo pronto! Based on our popular item ‘Creation’ this has got to be one of the best commercial card tricks!

Several blank cards which you claim are “special sensitive cards” that can read minds are shown and four spectators each take a single regular playing card from a well shuffled pack.

One by one playing card faces mysteriously appear on the “sensitised blank cards” which when compared with the chosen cards mysteriously match.

In all FOUR different cards are magically produced upon the blank cards as you perform this wondrous effect!

The blank cards are poker sized for easy handling and will last you for years. Use your own or a borrowed pack of playing cards for the selections.

The effective methods used are easy-to-do requiring only a little handling practice.

Pronto Printo is a very popular effect with walkabout and table magicians and the cards take up very little room in your pocket or bag.

Resets in a moment and so is ideal for repeat performances using different chosen cards.

Comes with the special cards and instructions.

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