One Person Psychic Readings

One Person Psychic Readings

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A superb one person mentalism act, answering questions or ‘reading the audience’ constitutes the ULTIMATE psychic test.

Since the earliest mentalists there has always been a constant demand for performers who could apparently read the audience's minds and predict their future under practically any conditions.

One Person Psychic Readings meets all requirements bringing about a devastating effect!

The means of your presentation are varied & elastic. For instance you hand out slips of paper and request that spectators write a question important to their future and sign their name.

These are then folded into quarters and collected in a small goldfish bowl, which never leaves the sight of the audience.

The question papers are mixed and one chosen & held to your forehead – then mysteriously you call out someone’s name and proceed to answer their question with uncanny accuracy! This is continued until all the questions have been answered.

Practice and skill are completely unnecessary as this is easy to do, you are ready to work almost anywhere at anytime.

Only ordinary properties are used. This method has been fooling the public for the best part of ninety years and now in its improved form is still greater and more sensational than ever before. Used extensively by professional mediums, cabaret & stage performers.

Includes details of the famous Max Andrews’ XL Effect. No stooges required and can be worked totally by one person. Can be presented as a fifteen to twenty minutes act of professional mentalism.

Highly recommended. Also explained in this fascinating 12-page, A4 size booklet is Eddie’s full routine, with latest up-to-date improvements & suggested patter.

“I saw you working your One Person Psychic Readings at the Villa Marina Theatre on the Isle of Mann many years ago and just had to have it! Eddie, what you have done with this is fantastic and what a terrific idea for the finish. Please don’t sell any more especially at this price, it should be £100.00 not £10.00 – it is fantastic!” The Amazing Larenzo.

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