Subconscious Symbol Selection

Subconscious Symbol Selection

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A spectator subliminally selects a symbol at an unconscious level and this proves to be the very one that you have predicted!

Explaining how we are being bombarded daily by subliminal messages from advertising, government departments and religious organisations, you propose to demonstration just how effective this style of silent or invisible persuasion has become in our everyday lives.

You lay a sealed envelope into a spectator’s own hands explaining that it holds a single sheet of paper with your written prediction on it. The envelope is completely unfaked.

You now show a number of symbol cards to all be different. With the spectator facing towards you and very briefly, you show all the faces of the cards to the spectator – quickly taking them away again. It is clearly impossible for the spectator to have noted any symbol – let alone its position in the fan.

The spectator now names any number (a free choice) between one and ten and the symbol at that number is removed and handed straight to the spectator – there is no switch of cards. The other cards are now spread across the table to show they are all different to each other and they really are, anyone can examine them.

The envelope is now torn open and the single sheet of paper inside is removed – it exactly predicts both the colours and shapes that you appear to have subliminally forced on the spectator!

*Spectator has a free choice of number – no force.
*A different symbol can be used for repeat performances.
*Works every time and is easy to do.

This terrific presentation comes ready to perform!

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