Crimson Prediction

Crimson Prediction

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You hold up six jumbo cards and claim that you have made a prediction, explaining that some people’s minds are easier to influence than others.
“For example,” you continue, “many people put on the spot to name a colour would select RED as their immediate first choice.
“However, if you asked for a number between one and six – there is no telling in advance which of these six numbers they would select – unless an expert in mind control were to ask such a question.
“Among these six cards I have placed one red one and that is my prediction for YOU madam, please pick a number from one to six!”

The lady names her freely chosen number or if you wish you can have her throw a die – even an invisible or imaginary one as she does have a perfectly free choice of any number – no force!

Very carefully and with no sleights or false moves, you slowly remove from the fan the card selected and when all the cards are shown it is the only RED card!

Only six jumbo cards are used and these are not faked in any way. Cards can be fanned out in your hands right from the start or displayed individually on a card stand (use your own).

Ideal for close-up, cabaret or stage use & very easy to do. An absolutely foolproof method that cannot fail.

Supplied complete including full patter all ready for you to perform this red-hot stunner!

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