Seven Keys To Life

Seven Keys To Life

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Here is an intriguing story of a young man, played by an audience member, and his guardian angel played by the performer.

Seven laminated cards each with a picture of a key are shown and freely mixed by the participant before being laid out in any order upon a table.

During the enthralling story that follows the young man chooses six of the keys in a game with his guardian angel – each key he selects represents a seven-year period of his life & all goes well until only one key is left which spells out his future destiny…

We are not going to tell you how this ends – there are two possible endings to suit different occasions – sufficient to say that the ending climaxes both the story and the magic in a spellbinding and applause-pulling manner!

If you enjoy story-telling magic then Seven Keys to Life will rate as one of your favourite routines.

Easy to do requiring no sleight of hand or suspicious looking moves. Ideal when table-hopping as no re-set is required.

It is similar in method but with a totally different presentation to our popular effect ‘Witch Finder General’.

Comes with the laminated cards and instructions.

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