Eddie Joseph's Fantastic Prediction

Eddie Joseph's Fantastic Prediction

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The late great Eddie Joseph was well known worldwide for his truly incredible premonition effect but was responsible for much more original magic.

Eddie Joseph’s Fantastic Prediction while little known was one of his finest originations. It was possibly the very first version of a card appearing at a chosen number!

You show a pack of bridge playing cards spreading it face upwards so that everyone can see the cards are different and well mixed.

Squaring up the deck again you allow several spectators to freely cut the face down pack and each to complete their cuts.

While this is happening you write on a slip of paper or take a card from a second pack and leave this as your prediction in full view – the prediction paper or card never leaves the audience’s sight for a second.

A last participant cuts the deck and glimpses the bottom card & it can be any card in the pack. “Take the numerical value of this bottom card and double it” you explain. “For example if it is a three double its value to six, Jack counts as eleven, Queen twelve and King thirteen!”

Whatever number the spectator ends up with you have them count down to that number card in the pack and turn it face upwards.

Your prediction paper is read out aloud or your prediction card is turned over by any spectator – it is the very card selected!

Please note: The spectator counts to a different number every time. This method can also be used for an amazing mind reading effect!

Eddie Joseph's Fantastic prediction comes complete with a regular pack of cards, matching gimmicks & instructions.

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