Rope, Knot & Silk

Rope, Knot & Silk

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Here is a terrific item that you will perform often. It has the appearance of requiring a great deal of skill and practice and yet it is so easy to do for close-up, cabaret or on stage!

You show a length of rope and attempt to flick one end to tie a knot in it; you fail at first but are successful on your third attempt.

Now you claim that you will tie a second knot in the same manner – a quick flick of the rope and instantly a colourful silk handkerchief appears tied inside the knot as if by magic!

Your audience’s eyes will blink with amazement at the sudden appearance of the silk inside the knot as if from nowhere.

The rope can immediately be passed to an audience member to untie the knot and release the silk and they will be even more amazed when they discover that not only is the silk tied inside a regular single knot but the silk is also tied into a single knot around the rope.

Both the silk and the rope can now be examined and if you wish they can both be used in the rest of your magic.

Instead of a silk you can cause a banknote, a playing card and many other small things that can be tied into a knot to appear. Eddie also explains one of his favourite routines using a borrowed finger ring.

Comes with the rope, a 100% silk handkerchief (colour may vary, but you can use your own) & instructions.

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