Inside Thoughts

Inside Thoughts

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Inside Thoughts is a brand new way of predicting, by Haim Goldenberg. It is smooth, simple and has a great range of possibilities.

You can predict almost anything with it, from a single number and playing cards to countries, brands, and even corporative mottoes.

You ask a volunteer merely to THINK of any one-digit number. Then ask her to speak it out loud so that everybody can hear her (of course you can invite her to change her mind as often as she wishes). Let's say she chooses 4 (as always, you make sure that everyone agrees that it was a completely free choice).

You then take an envelope, which was lying there all the time and pull out of it another, smaller envelope. As you turn the smaller envelope upside down a note falls in your hand. On the note is written the number 4!

Inside Thoughts is a new multi-optional envelope that will not only enrich any performance but also it is an easy outlet to "save" any unpredictable situations!

Comes complete with index cards, envelopes & instructions.

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