Poker Chips Prediction

Poker Chips Prediction

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Here is a clever prediction using coloured Poker Chips that is perfect for close-up and table-hopping.

Six Poker Chips are shown, five are all the same colour and one is the odd man out, being a totally different contrasting colour (colours will vary from set to set).

The five same-colour chips are spread out in a row upon the table and any spectator is invited to decide where the odd colour will be placed between them; they are free to indicate any place in between any of the poker chips in the line, there is no force, let’s say they choose position number four as per our illustration.

From an envelope, that has been in full view from the start, is taken a small strip of laminated card upon which is printed a picture of the poker chips and the odd one out is in exactly the same position that the spectator freely chose!

The envelope and card can be freely examined there is no other picture strip used.

Poker Chips Prediction requires no skill whatsoever, save the skill of presentation. It is all ready to perform and takes an instant to reset.

You are going to love the methods used which are very subtle indeed!

Comes complete with the six Poker Chips and everything required to perform it immediately, & instructions.

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