Missing Spade - Ray Silver

Missing Spade - Ray Silver

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You show a large prediction envelope in which is a single giant playing card, this is left in full view of everyone as your prediction.

A playing card is now selected by a spectator from your shuffled pack and you remove your giant prediction card showing the Five of Spades but unfortunately the chosen card turns out to be the Six of Spades.

“It seems I am one spade short!” You say, “But don’t worry I have an extra spade right here!”

So saying you turn the giant Five of Spades over to show there is a large picture of a shovel on the back (see illustration) as you ask, “Will this spade do?”

It is a guaranteed laughter producer to work anywhere in your card magic, close-up, stand-up or stage.

Comes with the specially printed & laminated Giant card and prediction envelope. Use any pack of playing cards for the force (we tell you how).

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