Melt Card Prediction

Melt Card Prediction

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Here is as neat a card trick as ever you could wish for. You will perform it often everywhere you go.

You show a small wallet inside which you claim you have located a prediction. The closed wallet is given to a spectator to hold between their hands.

From an ordinary pack of playing cards a spectator selects two cards. Opening the wallet it is seen to have two clear pockets each of which contain a single playing card. The spectators can clearly see that one of these is the Nine of Clubs while the other one is the King of Hearts.

These are the very two cards that have been selected from the pack, an amazing prediction, but that is not all, as there is a fabulous psychic experience for the spectator that follows on.

The King of Hearts is removed from the wallet and placed face upwards onto a spectator’s outstretched palm. The Nine of Clubs is also removed and placed face down on top of the King – the wallet is now empty.

You blow on the back of the Nine of Clubs and then allow a spectator to turn it face upwards – they will be amazed to find that it has turned into a completely blank card and all the pips have vanished without a trace – where on earth can they be?

Imagine their faces when they turn over the King and all the missing pips and index corners are now permanently printed on the back of the King of Hearts! Both cards can now be left for the audience to examine with no clue to your mysteries.

*Full faces of both cards are clearly visible inside the wallet.
*No replacement cards are ever necessary you can use the same two cards again & again. Only two cards are used – no extras.
*Reset in a moment so ideal for table-hopping.

Comes with wallet and special gimmicks, you will need to supply an ordinary pack of playing cards which may even be borrowed.

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