Circle of Chance - Mre

Circle of Chance - Mre

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Seven jumbo size laminated playing cards are mixed and then placed faces down in a circle, their faces so far unseen.

Apart from these you will need to supply some kind of prize – it could be anything; a diamond ring, your wallet full of money, a single banknote or even a bottle of Champagne.

This effect is also a faultless way to approach a table to present your close-up or walkabout magic!

You explain that there is only ONE winning card among the seven and the spectator get to choose six of them – while you will receive the last remaining card.

The participant now gives you a number or freely rolls a die to select a number by chance. The card at this number is marked with a coin as their first choice.

This sequence is repeated five more times, giving your participant the opportunity of selecting the first six cards, all of which are marked with a coin.

One card is left still face down – this is the card left for you the performer.

One by one the spectators turn over their six chosen cards – they all have hard luck messages; they have failed to locate the winning card.

Your card can now be turned face upwards by any spectator (please note there is no exchange, the card they turn over is positively the card left behind for you.) You are the winner and can walk away with the covetable prize!

*Only the seven cards supplied are used – no extras or duplicates.
*Cards can be examined as none of them are faked in any way.
*Easy to do – perform it straight away.

Comes with jumbo sized laminated playing cards & instructions. Use your own prizes.

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