Tarot Seven

Tarot Seven

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If you read Tarot cards or wish to do so for fun or profit, then this is definitely for you! Used by Eddie to give individual readings at psychic parties and then a truly amazing prediction climax, you will find nothing that compares elsewhere.

You show seven Tarot Cards – these can even be freely selected from the spectator’s own deck if you wish but for completeness we do include seven different ones in every set.

The cards are spectator-shuffled faces down and remember only seven are used – no extra cards or fakes are involved.

You write a prediction which the participant may slip into their own pocket unseen.

The participant now gives you a number or freely rolls a die to select a number by chance. The card at this number is turned face upwards and a reading is given from it – this sequence is repeated five more times, giving your participant the opportunity of quite a comprehensive six-card reading from you.

One card is left still face down – you claim that this is the spectator’s “Primary card!”

Your prediction is read out loud and this last card turned face upwards – the Primary Card exactly matches your prediction every time!

Please note: The prediction is different each time you perform it, no matter what number they choose you have correctly predicted that last card!

Comes with seven Tarot cards, large easy-to-read die & instructions.

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