25 Tips & Tricks with Slush Powder

25 Tips & Tricks with Slush Powder

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Slush Powder is a super absorbent polymer capable of gelling almost any liquid instantly.

You will find Slush Powder listed elsewhere on this website.

It usually only takes a little amount to solidify a small glass of liquid and can be used as a joke item or to accomplish a number of magical effects.

The step-by-step instructions in this paperback booklet will give you all the tips and tricks for using Slush Powder you will ever need!

You will learn basic gags and stunts as well as full fledged magic routines, 25 wonderful items including:
*The Vanishing Liquid
*Comedy Water Suspension
*Absorbing News
*Coffee Crank
*Milk to Silk
*Vanishing & Reappearing Silk
and much, much more!

25 Tips & Tricks with Slush Powder is sold at a bargain basement Mr. E price! You cannot afford to be without it!

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