Miracle Divination

Miracle Divination

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Miracle Divination is a wonderful effect that seemed to be lost in the mists of time. It is one of the finest impromptu close-up, parlour or stage mental effects ever! So very simple to perform – requiring no real memory work or similar.

The effect: Three objects are borrowed and laid out on the table, let’s say a key, a coin and a watch but it really can be any small object. While the performer turns his back or is even out of the room, three spectators each pocket one of the borrowed articles hiding them inside their own pockets. You return and correctly divine which article each person has hidden!

To this basic effect I have also added a superb extra feature in which you are also able to divine a number of playing cards also hidden in the spectators’ pockets making this a really sensational effect that you can perform using borrowed articles anywhere-anytime!

You will learn Miracle Divination in no time at all and then always be ready to ‘read minds’ and bewilder your audiences at the drop of a top hat.

Miracle Divination is a fantastic and easy-to-perform effect that has been used by many top professional entertainers, and yet it is also perfect for the part-time performer who seeks the strongest effects possible with simple properties that can be borrowed; while for the working mentalist it is an absolutely MUST HAVE stunner!

Highly recommended, complete with full secret & Eddie’s marvellous routine.

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