Bread - Mr E

Bread - Mr E

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Here is a low cost item that you will really enjoy performing, close-up, walkabout, parlour or for your street magic!

You show two laminated jumbo size pictures both of which are shown to have a slice of bread pictured on all four sides, as you explain, “Bread is the food of life that we all have to work for and earn using our own individual talents and skills.

"I earn my bread by doing magic and I would like to thank all you good people for these four slices that I have earned by entertaining you this evening!”

The two plaques are slowly and clearly shown on all four sides as you deliver the above, and then they are placed together and left in full view. They can even be given to a spectator to hold between their hands.

“Now folks I need to earn my bread by doing a card trick!”

You have a card selected and attempt to find it but everything seems to go wrong and you keep ending up with the wrong card – this is a lot of fun for everyone as you pull wrong cards out of your pocket, shoe, socks and just about everywhere.

Finally you borrow a cigarette lighter and gaze into the flame but still you name the wrong card – so you pass the flame underneath the two bread plaques saying that you would like a piece of lightly done toast!

When the two plaques are separated there is one slice of bread now toasted, and not only that, but it correctly reveals the name of the selected card!

Comes complete with laminated cards & instructions.

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Only £7.99

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