Countdown Cards

Countdown Cards

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This is a fantastic effect using just thirteen playing cards from a borrowed deck.

Thirteen playing cards the entire same suit, are dealt by any spectator in random order and he doesn’t know the value of each card.

Incredibly the spectator succeeds in arranging all thirteen values in the correct Ace through to King order. The odds against this have been estimated at 20,000 to 1!

We also explain a terrific Million to One prediction effect using just a few cards and your own written prediction; that is a real reputation maker and yet is so very easy to do!

Based on a terrific Paul Curry concept, Countdown Cards will thrill and delight you by the ease of working to bring about such a powerful effect.

You can use the Ace to thirteen of the same suit from any deck of cards as no extra or fake cards are used, but for completeness we supply the complete set of cards so that you can perform Countdown Cards straight away.

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