Floral Repeat Trick

Floral Repeat Trick

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To a very neat line of amusing patter several rosebuds are magically produced from a borrowed handkerchief one after the other.

The flowers seem to simply pop up from the centre of the handkerchief each time you turn it over – then as your climax a flower of a totally different colour and type magically appears!

This clever and colourful effect is guaranteed to bring both laughter and applause from even the hardest of audiences – women and children especially love it.

We supply you with the colourful realistic-looking artificial flowers (Style and colours may vary) but genuine blooms can be used and may be given away to the audience if you wish so it’s even more perfect for a lady’s birthday, Mothering Sunday or St. Valentine’s Day!

While Floral Repeat has all the appearances of clever sleight of hand, you will be able to perform it within a few minutes of reading our illustrated instructions.

At this price why wait? – order your Floral Repeat today and REALLY say it with flowers!

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