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Effect: The Mentalist offers to demonstrate what the difference is between a "magician" and a "mentalist".

A packet of playing cards are shown to be all different. The Mentalist demonstrates how a magician would perform a standard "pick-a-card" effect by mixing the cards and then pantomiming how a card would be selected & returned to the packet...mixing the cards again, and then revealing what the chosen card would be.

The performer states, "That's how a magician would do it and now here's how a mentalist would do the same thing".

The packet of cards are placed upon the table in full view and the Mentalist tells the spectator, "When I snap my fingers name any number between 1 and 10". The spectator does so and immediately the cards are handed to the spectator and one-by-one they are counted down to the freely chosen number. The selected card is shown to all, and the Mentalist directs the spectator to look through all of the playing cards and verify that all are different; there are no duplicates.

Now attention is called upon the wallet that has always been in full view. Without hesitation or fumbling, the mentalist shows that one prediction card has been in the wallet from the very beginning... an exact match to the spectator's card found at their freely selected number!

A not to be missed stunner sold at a wonderful low Mr. E price.

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