Magic Bottle Cap

Magic Bottle Cap

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This classic magic prop is finally available for today's style of bottles.

With one of these clear, plastic caps concealed in your hand you are all ready to perform a true miracle of close-up magic!

After filling your soda bottle with water, place your hand on its mouth and secretly introduce this small special clear gimmick.

When you turn the bottle upside down, the water stays in defying gravity.

Because of the clever design of the cap, you can place toothpicks or matchsticks in the over turned bottle and they will mysteriously float upwards inside the bottle without the water being released.

Magic Bottle Cap looks really weird!

Pass the bottle to a spectator by its neck and as he takes it, the gimmick will come off concealed in your hand. No one else can then duplicate what you have just done.

The water can be freely poured from the bottle at the finish.

Be sure to carry one of these super gimmicks in your pocket and you are all ready to perform, wherever you can borrow an empty soda bottle or use your own.

Stunning close-up and street magic at its best comes with instructions.

Sold at a pocket money low Mr. E price.

Only £1.25

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