Murphy's Three-Card Trick

Murphy's Three-Card Trick

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Here is a great comedy version of the famous Three-Card Trick which you claim was shown to you by your magical friend Paddy Murphy!

Paddy Murphy showed you three playing cards, two matching odd cards and a picture card.

The odd cards both have blue backs while the picture card has a red back.

The cards are laid out face down on the table and you are invited to pick out the Picture Card.

Of course you cannot fail as it is the one with the odd coloured back. (Colours and cards may vary).

Just to make it more difficult Murphy moves the cards about a little, still back upwards and again you are invited to pick out the picture card, so again you pick out the red-backed card – this can be repeated as often as you wish.

Murphy decides to make it easier for you and removes the two odd cards showing both their faces and backs before dropping them into his pocket – only the red-backed card remains upon the table, face down.

Again Murphy invites you to pick out the picture card – how can you fail?

But fail you do for when the spectator turns over the red backed card it turns out to be a card with a message such as ‘You Lost- Don’t Play Cards With Strangers’ or you can vary the message card to suit any occasion as we supply three blanks for you to write your own messages with your own permanent marker pen, such as ‘Glory Be – ‘Tis a Miracle!’ Or even a rude message of your own choice, signed by Paddy Murphy.

Ideal for table hopping and easy to do.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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