Rabbit Rally

Rabbit Rally

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Rabbit Rally is an easy-to-do effect that is suitable for either children or adults and with a most unusual plot.
To an amusing patter story you show six cute rabbits printed on Jumbo size cards, which have been laminated for long life.

Three of them are shown to be white lady rabbits while the other three are a reddish brown colour and gentlemen rabbits.

You tell the story of all six arriving at a restaurant for dinner in two separate parties, the ladies all together and the gentlemen making up the other party.

The restaurant manager only has one large table vacant and they are seated around this in a white, brown, white, brown, white, brown order – separating their two parties.

The cards are clearly placed by you into this alternate order.

However, rabbits always know how to do a bit of magic, so despite this careful seating arrangement, you show that the rabbits have mysteriously changed that order and all the white rabbits are together again while all the brown rabbits are also back with each other, ready for their two individual lifts home!

This is ideal either to perform stand up on your own, or with a child to help you.

It is also ideal for table hopping situations or parlour style magic.

The laminated cards supplied are completely unfaked and during the routine they are shown both back and front. It’s a true baffler you will enjoy performing!

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