Psychic Vibrations

Psychic Vibrations

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When you present this masterpiece of modern mentalism the only explanation would seem to be that you are a truly gifted Psychic!

In this exclusive manuscript we explain two routines, one using colours and the other using borrowed articles from your audience.

However, once you know Psychic Vibrations’ clever secret many presentations will be possible to you.

The following is exactly what happens in one of the presentations that we explain.

A number of articles are borrowed from the audience and laid out upon a table. While your back is turned a spectator mentally selects any one – no force.

The spectator then moves the articles about so that they are in a different order – but still with your back turned you instruct the spectator to remove various articles and secret them into a variety of pockets until only one item is left on the table – which proves to be the very one that the spectator was only mentally concentrating upon.

But just when you seem to have finished you now correctly name which of his pockets the spectator has placed the other articles in, when it appears that you couldn't possibly have any clue whatsoever!

Eddie has also presented this effect with a dramatic Murder Mystery theme using a small imitation gun, dagger, poison, noose and axe. But you could easily adapt it to any objects. A true miracle effect.

The full secret of this presentation is explained in detail in this exclusive booklet, together with an alternative presentation using colours. Easy to do!

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