Russian Roulette

Russian Roulette

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Based on our item Crocodile and an interesting principle by Mistunabu Matsuyama and Hiroshi Kondo this has proven a winner!

You show several jumbo size (4"x5.75") laminated cards which have silent hand guns pictured upon them – the last card has a picture of an active smoking hand gun – someone is clearly in trouble! (No extra cards are involved.)

You intend to play a game of Russian roulette with a spectator; each of you in turn will turn a card face upwards – if it is a silent gun picture then you win a point but the person who turns over the active hand gun picture loses everything.

It is a fascinating game of Russian roulette but using pictures instead of real guns!

The cards are shuffled and your game starts by the spectator choosing a number and then turning over the card at this number – he wins a point because they turn over a harmless silent gun picture.

Your turn and you must use the same number chosen by the spectator and you win a point also with a silent gun.

To make the game more interesting, money can be involved and the spectator wins a small amount at the beginning – only to lose when the active gun appears at his freely chosen number.

The game continues but you the performer always win because eventually the spectator turns over the active gun picture and “BANG!” they have lost everything!

Two terrific alternative routines are also explained one of which uses the gun cards supplied and the other that can be performed impromptu using cards from any borrowed pack of playing cards

Russian roulette comes complete with all the large laminated picture cards and the fascinating secret, together with the full easy-to-do routine that everyone enjoys!

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