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Measles is a delightful close-up effect that will be enjoyed by audiences of all ages, from young children to senior citizens!

You illustrate a story about your dog Measles using a number of blank-faced Bicycle playing cards.

As the story unfolds one by one, each of the cards catches the Measles – permanent red spots on their previously shown blank faces.

Finally your dog Measles appears on the last card and true to his name he has Measles as well!

Measles is a baffling mystery that you can carry in your pocket and perform anywhere – anytime.

It is educational and can be used to bring home how Measles, a highly infectious viral illness, can be spread from one person to the next and the importance of the MMR injection for young children.

Or just present this puzzling but entertaining mystery as a fun item in your close-up work.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle cards & instructions.

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