Squaring the Circle

Squaring the Circle

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Squaring the Circle was invented by The Great Lyle and was featured in all the leading theatres, both here and abroad during his fabulous show ‘Mystery Box Review’

Now YOU can feature it in your own cabaret, parlour or stage performances to great effect.

You show a perfectly formed large metal ring held in full view of the audience, between your hands. Pattering about Squaring the Circle - in the twinkling of an eye the ring immediately and visible becomes a metal square.

It happens so fast that the audience simply won’t believe their eyes!

Eddie has included this dramatic effect in both his adults and children’s shows for over fifty years and the effect comes with the exact professional patter that he uses with this stunning item so that you too can also feature it in your own public performances.

The metal apparatus (11", 28cm square) folds for easy packing and will even fit into your inside wallet pocket!

Also included in the instructions are details of how you can use the apparatus to correctly reveal three chosen cards following the change from Circle to Square.

All in all this is one item you should certainly have in your magic bag for audiences of all ages and at the price we charge you will find that it is another magical bargain from Mr. E Enterprises.

Only £8.50

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