Magic Colouring Wand

Magic Colouring Wand

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This is a Magic Wand (about 11.5" long & 0.375" thick) that transforms from a black wand with silver tips to a multicoloured one in many beautiful glittering colours.

It is an ideal magic wand to use with the popular Magic Colouring Book, Instant Art Pictures, Silk Dying Effects, or any magic effect involving colours.

Pick up the black magic wand with silver tips and show it the same both sides. Wave it in the air and it suddenly becomes multi-coloured and can be shown on both sides.

Pretend to throw the colours towards your magic painting book or other prop and the wand becomes black with silver tips once more.

Comes with the special plastic Magic Wand & instructions. Sold at a magical low Mr. E price.

Only £6.99

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