Mental Fan To See

Mental Fan To See

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A stunning combination of both Mentalism and visual magic that your audiences are just going to love!

A playing card is selected from your regular pack. Explaining that you had a premonition before the show that certain cards would be chosen, you show a number of normal sized playing cards in the form of a fan to the audience, asking if their chosen card is among these.

Pretending to hear the spectator remark that they cannot see the cards clearly, you pass your hand mysteriously over the fan and VISIBLY and INSTANTLY it changes into a fan of jumbo sized cards!

The spectator now confirms that one of the cards is indeed their chosen one, so you have them concentrate on their card among the several in the fan - which you then slowly reveal as if reading their mind!

Comes with the special fan of cards & instructions. Use your own regular pack to have the card chosen.

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