Houdini's Clock

Houdini's Clock

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This effect was part of Eddie Burke’s professional presentation of Fogel’s famous “Houdini’s Final Séance” and is released here for the very first time!

Showing a picture of a clock you claim that this mysteriously stopped at the time of Houdini’s death on the 31st October 1926 - Halloween, the picture is placed face down in full view without the time on the clock being shown.

Several large laminated cards are now shown to each have a different time of day upon them, representing important times in Houdini’s lifespan i.e. time of birth, time he met Bess his beloved wife and so on.

The packet of cards is held in full view and the Mentalist tells the spectator, "When I click my fingers name any number between one and ten".

The spectator does so and immediately the cards one-by-one are counted down to the freely chosen number. The selected time is shown to everyone and also named out loud.

The spectator may look through all of the time cards and verify that all are different; there are no duplicates.

Attention is again called to the picture of Houdini’s clock that has always been in full view. When the time on the clock is checked it proves to be an exact match to the spectator's time found at their freely selected number!

The picture is shown all around. The spectators are asked to feel the surface and verify that it really is genuine and there are no secret moving parts.

Instead of the picture you could use a real stopped watch or clock for this presentation. You could also present this as your grandfather’s stopped clock or watch.

Ideal for table hopping, close-up or stand-up performances. Dead easy to perform.

Comes complete with cards (approx 5.5 x 4", 14.5 x 10cm) & instructions.

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