Colour Chance

Colour Chance

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Colour Chance is based upon our popular item Trick or Treat and is one of our favourite Just Chance type effects, it is pure entertainment for any type of audience!

You show three large C5 envelopes (162 x 229mm) each of which have a different coloured flash on the front, let us say Red, Blue, and Green.

Inside each envelope you show there is a single laminated jumbo card each the same colour as the flash on the outside of the envelope, the envelopes are otherwise shown to be empty.

A spectator has a free choice of an envelope; let’s say they choose the one with the blue flash.

The blue card inside is removed and is shown to have some words on the back which the spectator reads out loud, he reads, “You will choose blue!” a certain laugh with any audience.

But there is more to follow – he is given a second choice and let’s say this time he chooses red – the card inside is now read out loud by the spectator and he reads, “Your second choice will be red!”

The last envelope will be yours and you are left with the GREEN envelope from which is taken a green card – this is also read out loud and it reads: “Thank you for leaving me with the green card – and the money!” on turning the card around for all to see, on the back of the card is a genuine banknote for you to purchase yourself a treat!

Comes complete with the envelopes, laminated colour cards and instructions. Use your own banknotes.

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