Identity Theft

Identity Theft

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Identity Theft is a topical effect that is ideal for close-up and table-hopping, using your own pack of playing cards!

The cards are freely shown and shuffled and pattering about the current threat of identity theft, a spectator freely chooses any card to be the victim.

The chosen card is replaced into the centre of the pack.

Soon the identity thief turns up, a card magically turns face up in the middle of the pack, but it is not the selected card.

Having stole all the hapless victim’s money the thief again hides in the centre of the pack.

Now the victim card, as freely selected by the spectator, jumps up to the top of the pack looking for his missing valuables – who can the thief be?

The rest of the pack is gone through carefully so that the face of each and every card is shown and the thief card has completely disappeared.

The missing card turns up inside the magician’s pocket!

A thought provoking trick that you can perform with your own pack of Bicycle cards or, with just a little preparation, any pack of cards that you wish to use.

No moves. No sleight of hand. No palming. No passes. No double lifts. The effect practically works itself.

Comes with the full secret & routine.

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