Psychological Word Test

Psychological Word Test

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This is a fun close-up item based on Len Belcher’s famous effect ‘Sales Talk’ first featured in Abracadabra magazine and all sales rights purchased by Eddie Burke.

You offer to give a spectator a free psychological word test, all he has to do is to choose one of three different words that make up a comic sentence.

You claim to have already studied the personality of the participant from afar and have made a prediction of the word that he will select.

The spectator has a free selection of any of the three words, each of which is printed in large letters on three different jumbo laminated cards.

Despite the freedom of choice, you show that indeed you have successfully predicted that very word but the results are quite hilarious!

This is ideal to quieten that heckler during your walkabout shows but is a lot of fun even for the participant.

Nothing rude or saucy is involved so you could even perform it for your local vicar at their church or chapel function!

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