Hopped Off Rabbit - Small Close-Up size

Hopped Off Rabbit - Small Close-Up size

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A novel twist to an old style effect, now using three pictures of different coloured rabbits.

Hopped Off Rabbit is available in Close-up or Jumbo size. Ideal to perform anywhere; it’s terrific for schools, parties, children or adults and we have removed the old style STUNG sucker effect, so no one need to feel foolish at the finish!

Three laminated picture cards are shown, each has a picture of a different coloured rabbit; one white, one chestnut and one green.

The chestnut rabbit is the magic one! The three cards are placed into a folder or wrapped in a large handkerchief, then the audience asked if they can remember the colours – naturally they can, calling out white and you remove that picture showing it both sides and placing it to one side.

Next they call green and that picture is also removed and shown.

Finally they name the colour of the magic rabbit chestnut, but you claim that this rabbit has vanished, however the audience can see a corner sticking out of the folder.

Following a little fun when the audience accuse you of cheating (as if you would!) you pull out the card and show there is nothing inside the folder – it really is empty by the way.

The card however bares the words “HOPPED OFF!”

“The rabbit is on the other side!” shout the audience – but no! on the opposite side of the card is another message ‘GONE TO LUNCH!”

The missing rabbit is now pulled from your pocket or where ever you wish it to magically appear for your climax!

Hopped Off Rabbit is supplied complete and ready for you to perform. Easy to do!

Order the model size you prefer small (Close-up) approx 9.5x14cm or see the large size (Jumbo) 14x20cm elsewhere on our website.

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