Banknote to Mini Nest of Boxes

Banknote to Mini Nest of Boxes

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This is a smaller version of our effect Banknote to Nest of Boxes.

A fancy mini cardboard box perhaps tied with a ribbon (no ribbon supplied), or fastened with rubber bands, is placed in full view of the audience.

A banknote is now borrowed from a spectator and the last three figures of the note are called out loud.

The banknote is now vanished, burned or fed through a shredder and the pieces vanished without trace.

The box is now opened and inside is found a second fancy cardboard box, this is also opened & inside is a third cardboard box & when this is opened the banknote is discovered inside & returned to the owner who can check the last three digits of the note as being the ones called out loud earlier!

Banknote to Nest of Boxes is colourful, clever and ideal for close-up and parlour magic shows. Very easy to do & requiring little in the way of skill, save the skill of presentation.

Comes with three pretty nesting mini cardboard boxes that are unfaked & instructions.

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