Banknote, Cup & Lemon Mre

Banknote, Cup & Lemon Mre

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Here is a superb close-up or parlour routine using a borrowed banknote and an unfaked faux leather cup.

You show the cup and have it examined if you wish as it is unfaked, there are no extra bits, magnets or sticky stuff or anything similar to be found.

A spectator now lends you a banknote and the last three figures of its number are called out loud and may be written down.

The banknote is now screwed up into a little ball and the spectator himself drops it into the cup.

You now turn the cup mouth down onto your right palm and then onto a table top, at the same time your hand appears to take the note from under the upturned cup and place it into your pocket.

The spectator now has to guess where the banknote is – under the cup or in your pocket.

In the puzzling routine that follows you demonstrate that you can make the banknote appear under the cup at will.

On the last try the cup is lifted to show that instead of a banknote it now contains a genuine lemon and there is no sign of the missing banknote!

Eventually the lemon is cut open and the banknote is discovered inside it, from where it is returned directly to its owner – who can check the last three digits of the note as being the ones called out loud earlier!

This is a fun routine that you really will enjoy performing.

The effect is straight forward & easy to learn – you will do so in less than 30 minutes and then you will have an item you can feature for life!

Comes with the faux leather Cup (but you can use any cup or beaker) & the routine, you supply the money and the lemon.

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