Shorts Away - Odd Bin & Sale Item 2018

Shorts Away - Odd Bin & Sale Item 2018

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1 in stock. You notice a small piece of rope hanging from your sleeve and proceed to pull it out but it keeps getting longer and longer. When the rope is about ten feet long it gets stuck.

So you begin looking for the other end and finds it in your trouser leg. You begin to pull on this rope and of course the other end proceeds up your sleeve.

As the rope disappears up your sleeve it once again gets stuck.

This time the other end is found in the other trouser leg. When you pull on this rope the exposed end begins to disappear back up the other trouser leg until it disappears and of course gets stuck.

In desperation you gives the rope a hard tug and still can't seem to discover what is wrong.

Finally you pull your boxer shorts out attached to the rope!

A very funny effect for MCs, comedy magicians or clowns.

Comes with gaudy boxer shorts, 10-foot piece of rope & instructions. 1 in stock.

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