Half & Half Cards

Half & Half Cards

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Half and Half Cards is partly based on our popular effect Half & Half in which two halves of a card match, but in this case they mismatch, and yet they still exactly match your prediction card – but there is more, two stunning magical climaxes that you are just not going to believe!
You show two small packets of half cards explaining that you asked someone to cut the cards – and this was the result! One packet is faces upwards and the other backs upwards.

You also place a complete full size card face down as your prediction.
Two spectators each choose a half card from their respective packet by chance and the spectators are lead to expect they will each have chosen half of the same card.

Imagine their surprise and laughter when the two halves fail to match.

However all comes well when you turn over your prediction card to show this is a half and half card that exactly matches the two chosen halves – but there is more to come.
You now show that spectator number one chose the only half card with a red back – the rest of his packet are all blue backed cards – but there is more to come.

The second spectator has chosen the only card with a face as all her other cards are all completely blanks!

All the cards can now be left for examination. No rough & smooth or similar used. Easy to do!

Supplied complete and ready to perform! 

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