Ghost Busters

Ghost Busters

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Ghost Busters is loads of spooky fun for your children and family shows.

This is a tale of a haunted house where several ghosts reside. Inside is found the chief ghost ‘Spooky’ of course he is a friendly ghost.

One day the Ghost Busters turn up to exorcise the house of all the ghostly activities – that is, if they can catch up with Spooky.

Everything is illustrated by five jumbo size colourful laminated cards and a cut-out Haunted House, one card showing Spooky and the other four showing the Ghost Busters.

Two of the cards including Spooky are now turned with their backs towards the audience and mixed with the cards still showing the Ghost Busters.

The spectators are invited to guess which of the face down cards has Spooky on it! Yes; it is a game of ‘Hunt Spooky the Ghost’.

But no matter which card they choose they fail to find the elusive Spooky.

One card is now removed leaving three Ghost Busters and the face down Spooky, thus improving the spectators’ odds – still they fail to pick out the sneaky Spooky.

The odds are continually improved for the spectators, by removing one card at a time, three cards, and two cards but still they lose.

It’s great fun as both the children and their parents guess but always they miss the Spooky card completely!

Only one face down card left in your hand – surely it must be Spooky – but no – when this final card is turned over it too is a Ghost Buster – where is Spooky?

Well he is not back in the Haunted House as you open the front and it is empty, but what is this, the children catch him bobbing up and down hiding behind the house and let you know each time he appears by making ghostly noises "BOOOOOOOOO" It's loads of fun!

Eventually you see him as well and everyone gives him a well deserved round of applause.

Resets in a moment & very easy to do. Supplied complete with cards & instructions ready to perform!

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