Fate - Mr 'E'

Fate - Mr 'E'

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Great for your close-up, table-hopping, stand-up, cabaret & parlour shows. Reset in a moment. Carry it in our pocket.

Ten large laminated cards that each have the word FATE on their backs are dealt down in to two piles of five cards each.

You and a spectator each select one pile which you both shuffle then put behind your backs.

Both of you secretly select a card and exchange it with the other person and then you each insert your new card face up among your face down cards.

When the two packets of cards are spread face down both the two face-up cards match each other and they both predict a long and happy life – an amazing coincidence! Or was it?

For when you each turn your other cards faces upwards your audience are in for a most truly uncanny but applause-pulling surprise!

*Only ten cards are used in this intriguing effect.
*The cards can be examined at the end of the trick as they are completely unfaked.
*No sleight of hand is required.

We haven’t revealed the climax here but we can tell you it will leave your audience gasping with amazement!

Comes with ten specially printed cards (no extras are used) & instructions. 1 in stock.

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