Pound In Your Pocket

Pound In Your Pocket

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Also incorporating an alternative effect ‘Hunt the Pound’

A great exclusive trick with colourful jumbo size laminated and specially printed cards, ideal for close-up, cabaret or stage!

Four large cards are shown to have ‘0’ on them while a fifth card has a ‘£1’ (we can also supply this with a $1 or the Euro sign).

Place the £1 in front of the other four cards and it forms £10,000!

To an amusing patter story, one at a time the four ‘0’ cards are eliminated leaving you with just the £1 – that is until suddenly this disappears – only to reappear in your pocket!

This is the perfect stand-up trick that has proven a real winner with all kinds of audiences.

Packs flat in your bag but plays big. Ideal M.C item due to the attention-grabbing and entertaining patter.

Very easy to do requiring just the skill of presentation.

No pocket cards are used. This is NOT a sucker type effect.
Supplied complete with all the colourful laminated cards, patter routine and complete instructions for TWO terrific routines all at a popular low price!

When ordering please indicate Pound, Dollar or Euro model.

Only £10.00

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