Paper Tear Psychological Test

Paper Tear Psychological Test

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If you are looking for a most entertaining & unusual mystery that you can perform anywhere – anytime, then this is for you!

You choose two spectators to be “psychologically analysed.” You ask the spectators a series of questions and as you do so, you fold a large A4 sheet of paper for each one of them and snip away at these with a pair of scissors.

The answers that the spectators give to your questions seem to have something to do with your cutting and folding and following one final question to each the folded papers are given to the spectators to slip into their pockets.

You now introduce a deck of playing cards which are shown to be all different and each spectator chooses a number, the number given determines the card each shall have.

Each spectator is now asked to concentrate on the colour of the card they have selected either red or black. Each is given an A4 card coloured either red or black and the spectators confirm that you have indeed matched the colours of the chosen cards in this manner.

The spectators now each announce the name of the chosen card and take out their folded slips of paper; they unfold them and place them against their coloured card where it is found that each one of them has a cut-out colour likeness of their selected cards!

The fact that the coloured cards are held behind the cut-outs so that they stand out like giant cards makes this effect suitable to be clearly seen in a large theatre or hall as well as close-up.

The cut-outs are now given as “lucky keepsakes” to the assisting spectators and indeed they will prove to be very lucky for YOU, especially if you have your contact details for future shows on each one!

Only ordinary white sheets of A4 paper are used easily obtained from stationers but we supply a few to get you started together with the coloured cards and templates for all four suits, instructions and routine.

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