Invitation to Lunch

Invitation to Lunch

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Now with pictures in full colour! Invitation to Lunch is a complete comedy routine with patter and presentation, which is perfect for close-up, cabaret or table hopping!

You obtain the assistance of a gentleman from your audience and show him how to remember his shopping list, by means of illustrated cards, when he is sent to his local supermarket by his wife.

For example there are cards representing butter, eggs, ice cream and so on. So it is a case of just spelling out the article and there it is.

During the hilarious patter that follows you successfully spell out the various items every time, but when the spectator starts to spell; only the beer card comes up each time for him!

There is a final different card for a terrific laugher finish to a truly great comedy routine!
The 12 individual cards supplied are approx A6 size that is 5.5” x 4”; large enough for the pictures (they vary from those illustrated and are now in full colour) to be clearly seen but small enough to fit into your pocket, they are also laminated for long life.

Invitation To Lunch is supplied complete and ready for you to work with an updated comedy patter routine based on the original Val Evans’ brilliant concept, it is very funny indeed with easy to deliver lines so that you don’t even have to be a comedian to present it.

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